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DW 5-Inch Long Accessory Arm

Rs 4,860.00

DW 9 inch Cymbal Boom Arm

Rs 7,200.00

DW Angle Adjustable Cymbal Stacker with Universal Adapter

Rs 11,020.00

DW Boom Cymbal Arm w/Double Clamshell Clamp

Rs 17,600.00

DW Claw Hook with L-arm

Rs 4,500.00

DW Cymbal Tilter Clamp

Rs 5,520.00

DW Dual Pivoting Accessory Arm

Rs 8,400.00

DW GoPro Camera Mount for Standard Cymbal Stands

Rs 3,300.00

DW Hi-Hat Clutch with Incremental Adjustment

Rs 6,580.00

DW Locking Hi-Hat Clutch with Quick-release Lever

Rs 6,580.00

DW Mega Clamp/Cymbal Arm Combo with 18″ Boom Arm

Rs 14,300.00

DW Remote Hi-hat Adapter for Cymbal Stand

Rs 8,800.00

DW Turnable dog bone

Rs 14,700.00

PDP 21″ Cymbal Boom Arm

Rs 5,750.00

PDP 9.5″ Cymbal Boom Arm

Rs 5,250.00

PDP Cowbell Holder with Quick Grip Clamp

Rs 5,720.00

PDP Cymbal Stacker

Rs 8,500.00