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Adam Audio A3X

Rs 76,000.00

Adam Audio A5X

Rs 110,000.00

Adam Audio A77X 3-Way Studio monitor

Rs 218,400.00

Adam Audio A7X

Rs 158,000.00

Adam Audio T5V

Rs 46,000.00

Adam Audio T7V

Rs 55,000.00

Audix D2 Drum Microphone

Rs 27,000.00

Audix D6 Drum Microphone

Rs 43,000.00

Audix Dynamic Microphone

Rs 11,000.00

Audix F90 Condensor Microphone

Rs 23,000.00

AUDIX Fusion Series FP7 Drum Microphone Pack

Rs 95,000.00

Audix Micro-D Instrument Microphone

Rs 36,944.00

Audix OM 5 Dynamic Microphone

Rs 35,054.00

Audix OM7 Dynamic Microphone

Rs 51,233.00

AUDIX Performance Series Wireless AP41 OM5

Rs 110,500.00

Audix TM 1

Rs 65,195.00

Bespeco MS11 microphone boom stand

Rs 11,700.00

Bespeco MSF01 microphone boom stand

Rs 7,700.00

Bespeco MSF01N microphone boom stand

Rs 8,400.00

Bespeco PRIMO Guitar/Bass Stand

Rs 4,500.00

Bespeco XANADU Classical/Acoustic Guitar Stand

Rs 3,050.00

Clip on Tuner

Rs 1,500.00

Flextune Guitar Clip-on Tuner

Rs 4,100.00

iRig HD Guitar and Bass interface

Rs 17,400.00