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Chad Smith - Signature Snare Drum

Chad Smith - Signature Snare Drum

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Acrylic Snare from PDP in the RHCP Edition!

The DW PDP Acrylic Snare in 14" x 6" is a Chad Smith Signature model made from seamless acrylic. The acrylic snare with the 14" diameter is best suited as main snare. The acrylic drum shell produces a penetrating, loud and fat sound without compromise. Equipped with original REMO Clear heads and the well-known DW True-Pitch tuning rods, the result is consistency and tuning reliability. As with all DW Snares, the Chad Smith Signature model also features the DW Mag Throw-Off, which tensions the snare wire particularly smoothly using magnetic technology. Robust steel hoops and the stable dual lugs round off the overall picture.

Chad Smith: A drummer legend!

Celebrated for decades as one of the best drummers in the world, Chad Smith has achieved world fame with his funk rock band Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Chad Smith has recently become endorser of the American custom drum company Drum Workshop. The DW subsidiary PDP now presents these high-quality and affordable Signature Acrylic-Snare Drums in three sizes. On the aluminum badge you will find the Red Hot Chilli Peppers logo and the signature of Chad Smith printed on - an absolute must for fans of the band and especially the drummer!

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