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DC300 - Cajons CAJONITO

DC300 - Cajons CAJONITO

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The little miracle. It's unbelievable how many sound variations there are in this small Cajon version. One playing surface each with quinto and snare sound. And all of this with an incredible amount of substance. In addition, the frame, which challenges accent strokes with the appropriate finger technique. The treasure chest is rounded off by the sound hole, which invites you to experience wah-wah effects.

  • Face: Birch
  • Body: Gabon / SPL
  • Dimensions: approx. 27.5 x 21 x 15 cm
  • Ideal instrument for traveling thanks to its compact external dimensions
  • Can be played on both sides
  • Sound 1: Percussion snare sound
  • Sound 2: Assertive quinto sound
  • With integrated damping pad
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